2011 - 2016 | The 5 year evolution of the Dublin tech scene

Ian Kinsella 27.10.2016

When I started in recruitment in 2011, it didn't seem like the busiest industry to be in if I’m honest. I remember a couple of things in particular about that time that seem so different in comparison to now.

Apart from the technology world, the landscape and the vibe in Dublin has dramatically changed. Five years ago it was the calm before the storm. The mornings were very quiet, the Luas was practically empty everyday (compared to now, it’s hard to even get on one at peak times). The roads were calmer with a lot less cars, cyclists and walkers.

Around where I work on Burlington Road there was only one or two good healthy lunch spots and now we are totally spoilt for choice with four or five great places to choose from. I won't even get started on the coffee spots from then to now. Offices had empty spaces and "TO LET" signs were all over the place. The building I work in had several empty floors and now it’s totally full and buzzing with life. Dublin really has gone from a somewhat grey, deserted city in comparison to a now buzzing, vibrant, energised capital of the country with new companies and ventures popping up all the time. When I think of it, it really is a remarkable change in just five years.  

The tech world in Dublin too has seen a remarkable change. Technology in general has just gone from one extreme to the next, and it’s only going to accelerate more and more. These days, we have the ability to use mobile apps for almost everything we do and we think it’s normal now. 2011 was when Hailo was founded and when we started ordering taxi by simply clicking a button on our phones and watching the taxi move towards us on the screen. We now do everyday things like our laundry, operate our heating, and get our house cleaned using mobile apps. Everything is done on our phones while we are on the move with incredible convenience for the user. This only really kicked off in the past five years. I can only imagine what the next  will bring. 

Our IT recruitment team has evolved and grown. In 2011 it was less than half the size and we only specialised in a few core technologies. Now we have over 20 tech recruiters who specialiae in so many more niche verticals in order to try and keep up with the way technology has evolved. 

In 2020 I imagine mobile apps will be able to do everything and transform people’s lives even more. Who knows, here's hoping that some of Star Treks coolest ideas, like the Holodeck and the Replicator will be in our daily lives. How cool would that be?!

Dublin most definitely is and will continue to be one of the coolest vibrant cities to live and work in and the Dublin tech scene will continue to be the back bone supporting that.

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