10 tips for a second round interview

Niamh McCarthy 14.11.2017

You've spent time preparing and researching for your first interview and just got called for a second round interview, congratulations! But you're not hired yet...

...so stay calm and get ready to do a little more work. You will be expected to perform well in this second round interview. I have collated some tips which may come in useful:

  1. Firstly, after you leave the first interview write down all that was discussed and the answers you gave; this will help you prepare for any second round interviews.
  2. Be prepared for the second interview to be much more in-depth. Interviewers tend to dig deeper into your technical skills, and how you would solve issues in the department. Ultimately they want to determine, "Is this someone I can work with?"
  3. Review your notes from the first interview and describe your experience in line with the job requirements discussed and highlight your problem solving skills and achievements.
  4. Ask about the department's challenges. Your main goal is to show how you will help the department succeed. You can only do that if you ask the question.
  5. Give different examples to the different people you meet with. If you tell the same story five times, it will look like you don't have any variety of experiences.
  6. Be brief and concise in all your answers to questions. Don't ramble or go too off-topic.
  7. Arrive armed with questions that are different from the ones you asked in the first interview. Good questions demonstrate you're astute.
  8. Remember that they're assessing you, but you're also assessing them. Ask yourself, "Why do I want to work here?" Is it just for the income; is it a strategic career move? Then ask the questions to get your answers.
  9. Don't be afraid to make small talk but not too much. If there are two equally qualified candidates, employers always hire who they are most likely to get along with.
  10. Ask for the job at the end of the interview. Don’t leave without telling them how interested you are in the position. You can also ask when you can expect to hear a decision.


Second interviews are a step closer to securing that job offer but don’t forget they can be more challenging than the first interview so be prepared. 

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Associate Director