2013 Salary Guide

2013 Salary Guide

This year Morgan McKinley Ireland has carried out a detailed survey of over 300 professionals across the country to gauge their expectations for salaries and hiring over 2013.

The survey focused on hiring managers who recruit for permanent full time positions and hiring managers who hire specifically for temporary/contract positions. Some employers are, of course, responsible for both areas and we have sought their views on both to ensure we provide the most accurate data in this report.

Listen to Karen O’Flaherty, Chief Operations Officer, Morgan McKinley Ireland, Petter Made of Sum Up and Roseanna O'Hanlon, Partner with Crowe Horwath discuss the findings of the 2013 salary survey on Newstalk.

Our Morgan McKinley Salary Survey examines hiring and remuneration trends for 2013 across accountancy and finance, enginnering, financial services, HR, IT, legal, sales & marketing, science, supply chain, tax.

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Karen O'Flaherty, COO. Morgan McKinley talks about the 2013 Ireland Salary Survey

karen_o_flahertyKaren O'Flaherty, COO of Morgan McKinley IrelandLast year was a more positive year for Ireland’s professional recruitment market, though overall hiring remained relatively subdued across the 12 months. In 2012 the services sector performed well due to the solid performance of our export market. The IDA reported its highest net job creation in over a decade and we continued to prove that Ireland is the location of choice for start-up technology businesses in Europe. Our need to remain competitive and attractive as a destination of choice for foreign businesses should remain at the forefront of our economic strategy.

However, there is clear evidence that Ireland continues to be a tale of two halves with a two tier economy. While large corporations and multinationals contributed greatly to hiring across 2012, the SME and indigenous sector/businesses continued to feel cash flow pressure throughout the year and, as a result, economic growth and hiring were hampered.

Predictions for 2013 remain mixed from the European Commission. GDP is expected to grow modestly and unemployment looks set to remain high and decrease by 0.1%, while only small increases are expected in job creation.

To learn more about domestic recruitment plans for 2013, we surveyed over 300 hiring managers across Ireland to provide a clearer picture of what can be expected this year. Our survey focused on pay (salary/contract rates) and hiring. All surveyed hiring managers work in each of our specialised markets, which include; accounting & finance, customer service, engineering, financial services, human resources, IT, legal, office support, sales and marketing , supply chain, science, and tax & practice.

On the whole, hiring managers expect both salaries and temp/contractor rates to remain at the same level throughout the year. Encouragingly, we found that a solid percentage of hiring managers are expecting modest increases to salaries and contract/temporary pay rates. When we compare these results to our surveys from 2012 and 2011, the sentiment is more stable and optimistic.

Those hiring managers who expect to see an increase in pay attributed the anticipated to the need to attract and retain key staff. Many businesses and employers now recognise the need for their employer proposition to be correctly aligned to the specific talent they need to acquire.

Interestingly, over half of all permanent hiring managers expect to increase headcount within their organisations over the course of 2013. This longer term visibility and forecasting sentiment is significantly enhanced on this time last year, where similar survey results suggested that projections were very short term and far less certain.

Our survey also found that professionals across accounting & finance, sales & marketing and IT will continue to be in high demand this year. A very low number of hiring managers are concerned about job opportunities in other geographic markets diluting the pool of domestic talent available in 2013.

Against the backdrop of mixed predictions for 2013, our survey shows signs of cautious optimism in the Irish professional jobs market. We continue to offer market information to forecast trends and changes in our specialist areas to both our client and candidate communities.

We hope you find this salary survey informative and, as always, we welcome any feedback you may have. For any specific questions or areas of interest regarding salaries, contract/temporary pay or hiring information, please feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues at Morgan McKinley.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you all the best for the year ahead.

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