By January The Christmas Pudding Will Be Long Gone...Grab Your Piece Now!


A lot of the hesitations I have seen stem from non-existing stumbling blocks though, and my objective today is to explain why jumping ship just before the holidays is not only wise but advised!

Farce Number 1: Surely companies aren’t recruiting at this time of year?

Employers of the Future - Websummit 2014


The 2014 Summit included startups from a range of sectors such as lifestyle, e-commerce, development or “build summit”, digital marketing, sport, Food, e-health and Big Data. 

I took the opportunity to speak to some of the company representatives exhibiting this year to discuss amongst many things: their company proposition, experience of sourcing talent and the importance of getting the right talent fit for their employee culture: 

Banking Open Evening | Thursday 30th of October


The retail banking industry is shaking up significantly at the moment, leading to a strong demand for qualified banking professionals with QFA and APA qualifications. We know there are a large number of talented individuals on the market, and we would you be very interested in meeting you! 

Who would benefit most from attending?