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5 reasons to invest time and effort into your online professional profile


Yet many are reluctant to advertise professional status, experience, abilities and achievements online and as a result may be neglecting their destined jobmate. Just like the dating scene it’s important to be market wise, know your options and to put yourself out there and the best means of doing so - Get Online!

Here’s why…

1. Learn about new opportunities

Summertime Sadness, it's Back to Work Time


Were you only managing to cope as you had that summer holiday to look forward to, with a vision of yourself on the beach just getting you by? With all that now in the past, maybe it’s only now the time for change!

There is no better time to get involved in your new job search than right now. You might think it may be quiet at the moment on the job front but this is actually the best chance to get your CV in before the September rush.

The Benefits of working with a Recruitment Consultant - And a Wedding Planner!


As the day gets closer my list of things to do gets longer and the dream of how fun and romantic all this planning would be gets more ridiculous. Planning a wedding is more like a full time job - what with sourcing suppliers, keeping track of appointments & paper work, balancing money and trying to keep everyone happy at the same time.

Top 5 tips for the Long-Term Unemployed


After six years of recession, we’re seeing green shoots in our economy and a certain level of confidence seems to be returning to the country and our employment market generally. I have certainly noticed several positive signs. Not only are there more jobs available, but the ‘passive’ job seekers are testing the waters of the jobs market once more. 

Landing a Job Long Distance - Your Succession Plan

This process is not as complicated as one may think, however it needs a strategic approach in order to succeed!
Some simple steps to ensure success:
Application process
Start sending your CV several weeks before you plan to relocate – a recruitment process usually takes 1-4 weeks to complete and you will very likely have a further four weeks during your notice period to get ready.