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Top 5 tips for the Long-Term Unemployed


After six years of recession, we’re seeing green shoots in our economy and a certain level of confidence seems to be returning to the country and our employment market generally. I have certainly noticed several positive signs. Not only are there more jobs available, but the ‘passive’ job seekers are testing the waters of the jobs market once more. 

Landing a Job Long Distance - Your Succession Plan

Whether you are planning on relocating for a job opportunity in the very near future or in several months, now is a good time to think about your strategy to secure a job overseas. This process is not as complicated as one may think, however it needs a strategic approach in order to succeed!
Some simple steps to ensure success:
Application process

New Years resolution - to find a new job?


Every New Year the pen and paper comes out or in today’s world the note pad on the iPhone to write down the dreaded list of New Years resolutions.

The list usually starts with things like:

  • New Job
  • Go to the gym
  • No alcohol
  • New diet

All of these are possible but it is about having the determination to actually follow through and do them.

Your job search is an olympic marathon, not a sprint!


Finding a new job is like running a marathon, not the 100 metre sprint. The Marathon and 100 metre sprint are two of the most popular and highly anticipated events and races which will be viewed at the Olympics this year.  Although both are equally competitive races, the methods of training and type of challenge facing athletes competing in the two events are completely different. 

'There are no jobs out there! What am I going to do?'


 The shock to the economy and employment over the past four years has resulted in one in seven jobs disappearing.  Such a decline in employment would have resulted in major emigration in any open economy.  This is a fact none of us can escape from, however there are still positives to be taken from this.