Feeling anxious about your technical interview | Here are some practical hints & tips


What can come up on a Technical Test? 

Interview topics may cover anything on your CV, especially where you claim particular expertise. Fundamental computer science knowledge is required for all engineering roles and will form the basis for almost all interview questions. For example a Software Engineer will always be expected to have a good grasp on the basic principles of OOP. 

Tyco Take Cork By Storm


Tyco who decided to move its Global headquarters to Cork have announced that they plan to bring their headcount to 700 employees within the first 3 years of this R&D Centre of Excellence. The roles that Tyco plan to bring to Cork are innovative and sought after by the brightest minds who are inspired to build a more connected world via the 'Internet of Things'.

The Pro’s and Pro’s: Multinational Expansions


What are the pro’s of an expansion?

Open job description - It’s a great opportunity to make a job your own. When no one in the office has done your exact job you have the chance to mold it to fit your working style. You won’t have to put up with that colleague who’ll be saying to you at every chance they get “Oh, that’s not how I used to do it”.

Technical Recruiters: Where are you hiding?


According to The Guinness Enterprise Centre ‘Dublin is already seen as a hotbed of innovative tech start-ups’ and with so many of the world’s top brands (Google, Twitter, linkedIn, Facebook) that have already based their headquarters and centres of excellence in Dublin. Dublin is an IT Recruiter’s dream market and options are plentiful.

So what skills and experience exactly are in demand?