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One such area where there is still room for improvement is the presence of women in technology. A study by Accenture 'Powering economic growth; Attracting more young women into science and technology', across the European Union it is estimated that just 6 to 7% of technical careers are being filled by womenstated that across the European Union it

5 Key Skills That Could Make Or Break Your IT Career


Your career is important, we all live in a competitive world and you need to ensure that the skills you have, make your career not break it!

Take a second and look at the successful people in your company…They didn’t get to where they are by accident. No, they all share some common skills and I’ve listed a few you should try and add to your arsenal! 

1.    Adaptability

Feeling anxious about your technical interview | Here are some practical hints & tips


What can come up on a Technical Test? 

Interview topics may cover anything on your CV, especially where you claim particular expertise. Fundamental computer science knowledge is required for all engineering roles and will form the basis for almost all interview questions. For example a Software Engineer will always be expected to have a good grasp on the basic principles of OOP.