Do you want to secure a Danish or Flemish role in Dublin? Are you considering relocating?


The Individual:

No previous experience is required. The company is looking for individuals who are driven, committed and have a willingness to develop within a multilingual team. All training would be provided. The company offer the security of a 12 month fixed term contract, the opportunity of career progression, an excellent working enviornment and an attractive salary that increases every 3 months.

You have met all the technical requirements but why didn’t you get that job? - Soft Skills Matter!


A common misconception by IT professionals considering a new job is that the potential employers focus is on their technical ability to do the job. While this is important the final decision on whether a person is offered a position often comes down to the soft skills. 

Tyco Support Women in Technology


One such area where there is still room for improvement is the presence of women in technology. A study by Accenture 'Powering economic growth; Attracting more young women into science and technology', across the European Union it is estimated that just 6 to 7% of technical careers are being filled by womenstated that across the European Union it

5 Key Skills That Could Make Or Break Your IT Career


Your career is important, we all live in a competitive world and you need to ensure that the skills you have, make your career not break it!

Take a second and look at the successful people in your company…They didn’t get to where they are by accident. No, they all share some common skills and I’ve listed a few you should try and add to your arsenal! 

1.    Adaptability