4 Signs it’s Time to Change your Career


Changing career can be daunting. Why would I leave everything I know, I have friends here, I’ve been here so long, and what will everyone say? Some common thoughts that go through your head when considering a move. As someone who has recently moved jobs I know oh too well. It took me months to be 100% sure a change was right for me and I am glad to say I haven’t looked back since.

5 Reasons Why Cork Should Be Your Next Career Destination


Lured in by the bright lights of the Manhattan of Ireland where jobs were plentiful, bands and DJs played sold out gigs, our national football and rugby teams played their home games and everybody spent their nights chatting up other like-minded boggers in Coppers.

Recently, the trend has started to shift in favour of Cork with a large number of IT professionals deciding to call Cork home. Here are 5 reasons why:

1.The Job Market:

Do you want to secure a Danish or Flemish role in Dublin? Are you considering relocating?


The Individual:

No previous experience is required. The company is looking for individuals who are driven, committed and have a willingness to develop within a multilingual team. All training would be provided. The company offer the security of a 12 month fixed term contract, the opportunity of career progression, an excellent working enviornment and an attractive salary that increases every 3 months.

You have met all the technical requirements but why didn’t you get that job? - Soft Skills Matter!


A common misconception by IT professionals considering a new job is that the potential employers focus is on their technical ability to do the job. While this is important the final decision on whether a person is offered a position often comes down to the soft skills. 

Tyco Support Women in Technology


One such area where there is still room for improvement is the presence of women in technology. A study by Accenture 'Powering economic growth; Attracting more young women into science and technology', across the European Union it is estimated that just 6 to 7% of technical careers are being filled by womenstated that across the European Union it

5 Key Skills That Could Make Or Break Your IT Career


Your career is important, we all live in a competitive world and you need to ensure that the skills you have, make your career not break it!

Take a second and look at the successful people in your company…They didn’t get to where they are by accident. No, they all share some common skills and I’ve listed a few you should try and add to your arsenal! 

1.    Adaptability