Morgan McKinley | The Engineering Specialists


I returned home to Ireland earlier this year after 5 years away working in the Australian and Asian markets to now get involved in what seems to be strong rebuilding phase across the engineering sectors in Ireland.  From a personal perspective along with research I have done I am very optimistic about the engineering permanent and contract recruitment market in Ireland for 2015. 

Ireland's Agri-Food Sector | The Catalyst for Recovery


The Agri-Food sector has been marked as the catalyst for recovery in Ireland and after attending the business lecture, I left excited about the trends emerging and the opportunities that will be created as a result of several new initiatives, including a ten year plan which will deliver smart, green and sustainable growth and targeted €12bn in exports by 2020. Most interesting were the statistics and growth plans outlined for the Dairy and Beef sector.

Global Greening: Oops We Did It Again!


Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative is now in its sixth year, it sees landmark buildings and heritage sites all over the globe turn green to mark the occasion and raise awareness for Irish tourism. This year is bigger than ever with more iconic sites taking part in the greening.
In Ireland this year, the following landmarks will be turning green, have you spotted them yet?