St Patrick’s Day - It's not all about Green Leprechauns and Guinness!


With the festivities of the St Patrick’s Day just over and the hospitality sector having had a busy trade, it's good to recognise that it can be the best time to promote our country as an excellent place for foreign investment. Undoubtedly our 'good craic' reputation attracts millions of tourists every year but surely we can promote beyond....

Looking for a Multilingual Job in 2014? Is Ireland a good place to be?


While there are many companies relocating operations to Eastern Europe, Ireland still remains to be one of the most attractive European locations that attracts foreigners and candidates speaking multiple languages. Some of 12% of Irish population are listed as foreigners with majority coming from EU countries. How does Ireland compare to other European countries?

Eastern Europe

National Funds Open Day


National Funds Open Day - Wednesday, 30th October 2013

According to the Irish Funds Industry Association, Ireland is "a small but flexible and open economy with a strong tradition in knowledge based industries, providing a critical gateway to international markets within and outside Europe".  From our perspective, we agree completely and are proud of the abilities and skill sets of the Irish labour market.

Landing a Job Long Distance - Your Succession Plan

This process is not as complicated as one may think, however it needs a strategic approach in order to succeed!
Some simple steps to ensure success:
Application process
Start sending your CV several weeks before you plan to relocate – a recruitment process usually takes 1-4 weeks to complete and you will very likely have a further four weeks during your notice period to get ready.

Ireland must specialise to win - on and off the pitch!

Everyone is talking about the introduction of Paddy Jackson and Luke Marshall to the Irish team for Sunday’s RBS Six Nations fixture between Scotland and Ireland at Murrayfield in Edinburgh. How will the young Ulster tyros perform against Scotland's unrelenting defense without their Ulster general Ruan Pienaar to protect and guide them? Will the supply to Ireland’s backs be stopped at source once Scotland target 'The Kids'?

Have you ever thought about a career in recruitment? You might surprise yourself!


Outside of my precious family, the two most prominent things in my life are recruitment and baking.  10 years ago when my career involved spending most of my time 30,000 feet up in the air as cabin crew, had someone given me a glimpse of my life today I think my reaction would have been quite the picture.  Number one, I couldn’t cook never mind bake and number two, work in an office - you must be joking?  The sky is my office! 

Rules of engagement - get the most out of your consultant


The most difficult thing about working in recruitment is often managing expectations.  Making a career move is a personal journey - one which is often quite an emotional experience.  Recruiters (external and internal) can be so involved in the transaction that the softer side of the experience can be lost for those involved.  "I never heard back from them" or "I was turned down for the job but never really got a reason" - these comments are familiar ones to recruiters.