Setting up in Europe? Seven reasons to consider Ireland first!


1. Infrastructure & Communications

The most obvious point: you can get to Ireland faster than virtually anywhere else in Europe. It’s just seven hours from New York to Dublin or Shannon but nearly eight hours to Paris and almost nine hours to Berlin. From Dublin and Shannon you will find fast connections to all major destinations in the UK and continental Europe.

Looking for a Multilingual Job in 2014? Is Ireland a good place to be?


While there are many companies relocating operations to Eastern Europe, Ireland still remains to be one of the most attractive European locations that attracts foreigners and candidates speaking multiple languages. Some of 12% of Irish population are listed as foreigners with majority coming from EU countries. How does Ireland compare to other European countries?

Eastern Europe

National Funds Open Day


National Funds Open Day - Wednesday, 30th October 2013

According to the Irish Funds Industry Association, Ireland is "a small but flexible and open economy with a strong tradition in knowledge based industries, providing a critical gateway to international markets within and outside Europe".  From our perspective, we agree completely and are proud of the abilities and skill sets of the Irish labour market.