Interview preparation

5 Top Things to bring to have a successful interview

Okay, so you’ve done the hard part.. the CV has been perfected, the Cover Letter honed, and you’ve done yourself justice by getting called in for interview for that perfect role.. now, here comes the easy part right?! Wrong.. now read on!
Here are 5 Top Things that everyone should bring to an interview, regardless of level, role or organisation.

Important tips for your next interview


Many candidates will complete a great interview and then fail to close it properly. This is like baking a terrific cake and forgetting to put on the icing! The closing of your interview is the most memorable part, not only because it comes at the end of your time together, but because you are able to reinforce your own personality, comments and questions into the conversation with the interviewer.

Follow these simple tips at your next interview:

Treat your upcoming interview as you would your Christmas party!


Christmas party season is upon us again and like everybody you want to make sure that you enjoy yourself but that you also don’t make any embarrassing mistakes that make you dread going back to the office the following Monday!

With this thought in mind think about going to an interview as similar to going to your Christmas party – you want to be the last person standing but it is important that you don’t fall at the last hurdle!

Your job search is an olympic marathon, not a sprint!


Finding a new job is like running a marathon, not the 100 metre sprint. The Marathon and 100 metre sprint are two of the most popular and highly anticipated events and races which will be viewed at the Olympics this year.  Although both are equally competitive races, the methods of training and type of challenge facing athletes competing in the two events are completely different. 

Interview preparation essentials


When it comes to interviewing there is only one thing for it – Preparation is King!

You want to be able to go into the interview having a fairly good idea about what you are going to say and how you are going to sell yourself.

It is a great endorsement that you have gotten to the interview stage, feel positive about this – it means you have a good CV and on paper at least have the skills and experience that an employer is looking for.

Tips for your supply chain interview


Before you go to your interview it is vital to go through the job specification. Go through each line of the responsibilities and duties, making a mental note of when you have sucessfully fulfilled each task in your previous positions. Usually, the person who writes up the job specification is the person that will be interviewing you. So if you try to make your experience sound as similar as possible to what they are searching for, your chances of success will be higher.