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“A few small steps up the street, one giant leap for my career"


I recently made a big jump from a local rival to Morgan McKinley but why Morgan McKinley? The main selling point for me was the aim and vision to grow and succeed. After working in Recruitment for the past 12 months for a local competitor, I’d decided Recruitment is where I want to be, so why not work for the best!

I will admit it was a strange experience being on the other side of interview preparation. One thing I consistently tell candidates is - Preparation is Essential.

As a recently qualified ACA what salary should I expect?


1,059 FAE students breathed a sigh of relief last Friday morning with a 62.3% pass rate amongst the 1700 people who sat exams in September.  That is 1,059 passed finalists nationally , the vast majority of which will exit training contracts at some stage in 2013.  After a long 3 - 3.5 year training contract many recently qualified accountants will wonder now that they're qualified how will this change their salary. 

Accountants - How to significantly increase your earning potential!


It's the question that every professional should have at the back of their mind. What can I do to make myself more employable in today's jobs market and increase my earning potential at the same time?

One suggestion I would make is to consider learning another European language.

Many large and multi-national companies require that their qualified accountants are fluent in a second European language.