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Tara Clancy - 14/04/2014
The trying period of Lent arrived (a bit too swiftly, if you ask me!); we vowed to give up that one delicacy, and though it may only be just the one ... read more
Karen O'Flaherty - 08/04/2014
Morgan McKinley Irish Employment Monitor measures the pulse of the Irish professional jobs market by tracking the number of new job vacancies and new ... read more
Darren Connolly - 08/04/2014
It's almost 20 years since Stephen Hankin of McKinsey coined the phrase "The War for Talent”. He was part of a team from McKinsey who discussed how ... read more
Alan Peppard - 01/04/2014
After six years of recession, we’re seeing green shoots in our economy and a certain level of confidence seems to be returning to the country and our ... read more