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Niamh McCarthy - 24/04/2014
You spend time preparing your CV, applying for positions, preparing for interview, engage in a timely recruitment process and eagerly await that call ... read more
Ailsa Byrne - 24/04/2014
As the day gets closer my list of things to do gets longer and the dream of how fun and romantic all this planning would be gets more ridiculous. ... read more
Ronan Hill - 22/04/2014
It was so much easier ten years ago, Leinster did financial services and Munster did manufacturing (and winning Heineken cups). The lines are more ... read more
AnneMarie Browne - 15/04/2014
Organizational Effectiveness: What is it and how to achieve it! Morgan McKinley will be hosting a breakfast briefing on the topic of "Organisational ... read more