25,000 followers and counting...


This achievement represents a wonderful accomplishment for a business investing extensive efforts into not simply increasing follower numbers, but reaching out to a varied and highly-targeted professional community. 

A LinkedIn company page gives your organisation more exposure and visibility of its products or services. It's a great tool to enhance your company’s presence and image online.

Budget Talk? Better than counting sheep…


Little did I know, I would be provided with a lot more to digest than just your standard freshly baked croissant.

The EY panel was made up of 4 EY Tax and Economic experts, namely, Neil Gibson (Economic Advisor), Kevin McLoughlin (Head of Tax), Joe Bollard (Partner; International Tax) and Jim Ryan (Partner; Human Capital).

Tyco | Love your work


There are countless reasons why it is so important to make sure you are happy in what you do.

Here are just a few:

• Self Fulfillment:
More time is spent at work than anywhere else in your average day. If you are in a position that you are happy and motivated in, overall benefits to your health and wellbeing are the result. Happiness in what you do throughout the day leads to a greater work life balance.

Budget Day Looming: will it be a good day or bad day?


However, this year I feel it's different, the sentiment has changed and with recent figures on tax revenues, new growth rates and positive employment trends, it seems we have finally reached the end of the austerity budgets. And budget 2015 should be a positive one. So what are the most likely changes/updates?