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4 Signs it’s Time to Change your Career


Changing career can be daunting. Why would I leave everything I know, I have friends here, I’ve been here so long, and what will everyone say? Some common thoughts that go through your head when considering a move. As someone who has recently moved jobs I know oh too well. It took me months to be 100% sure a change was right for me and I am glad to say I haven’t looked back since.

Proud to be a Best European Workplace


The Best Workplaces in Europe list recognises organisations in the Europe region that are dedicated to sustaining high-trust, high performance cultures for their employees. These workplaces are distinguished from the rest by their extraordinary levels of trust, pride, and camaraderie. Putting our people first is a key priority for us at Morgan McKinley and it is this commitment to providing a strong, caring, and innovative culture that we celebrate.

Morgan McKinley and the Cork Mid-Summer Festival


The festival is one of Cork’s finest offerings in the city’s arts calendar, with a fantastic range of theatrical, musical and street events aimed to catch everyone’s imagination. This year will see some exciting events including, a 100 brass ensemble play in Elizabeth Fort, Picnic in Park (Fitzgerald Park) and a myriad of Theatrical offerings for all the family.

Guest Blogger: Unlimited Vacation - Not Just a Dream Anymore


This kind of thinking is leading many companies adopt unlimited vacation policies for their employees. Currently only 3% of businesses have this kind of policy, but companies like Netflix, Groupon, Evernote and HubSpot are jumping on board with similar policies. Can this kind of policy work for your company? Can you use it to attract and retain top talent?

Ireland Ranked 4th in the World for Supply Chain Resilience


FM describe their Index as “…the first data-driven tool and repository that ranks the business resilience of 130 countries. It is designed to help executives evaluate and manage supply chain risk. Nine key drivers of supply chain risk are grouped into three categories: economic, risk quality and supply chain factors. These combine to form the composite index. Scores are bound on a scale of 0 to 100 with 0 representing the lowest resilience and 100 being the highest resilience.”

FMC Choose Cork As Their New European Finance Hub


Morgan McKinley are working in partnership with FMC to support them in achieving their vision – “To be recognised as the leading chemicals financial reporting and accounting organisation, providing world class service to our businesses and developing future accounting and finance leaders”