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Is there a ‘Price Tag’ for attracting and retaining the best talent for 2015?


Launching the Annual Salary and Benefits Guide for 2015, Morgan McKinley’s Inward Investment team analysed 30,000 placements made by the business and took counsel from employers and employees alike to gauge the sentiment for the coming year.

“Just” a Contractor? Not in Morgan McKinley with my "Contract Support Clinic"!


It’s an excellent arrangement for both the company and also the person working there, as it allows a flexible arrangement that suits both parties.

The biggest concerns that any contractor has going into a new contract assignment include:

  • Will I have the skills required?
  • Will I like it there?
  • Will I feel like an outsider?


We've Been Shortlisted For The European Business Awards! We'd Appreciate Your Vote


Our video submission showcased Morgan McKinley’s best in class customer service which has used a deep understanding of customer values and needs to deliver a service which both surprises and delights our customers – the professional job seeker and hiring organisations. We are proud to say that by putting our customer at the heart of the organisation we have become their Career Ally. This focus has greatly enhanced their service experience when making a career move or when hiring talent.

Santie Claus Came To Town!


Yes! You’ve guessed it, it was Santa Claus! He parked his sleigh up on the balcony last Friday afternoon, fed his reindeers and came in for a quick meet and greet along with his little elves in reception. He was wined and dined, Morgan McKinley style, his usual whiskey and biscuits, however, he politely declined after three rounds as he “was on a low carb diet” and reminded us that “Mrs Claus is always watching”.

And The Winners Are...


This was Morgan McKinley’s third year attending this black-tie event and our second year as a main sponsor, and it was a great chance to meet up again with a lot of very familiar friends among the 350 strong attendance. It was really great to see the Procurement community come together to celebrate their industry and the achievements of procurement professionals.

The Christmas Village and Santa Train at Mount Juliet


There was a Christmas market with lots of little trinkets, toys and handmade woollen hats to choose from. There were wooden carvings and plenty of unique jewellery for that perfect Christmas gift. Not to mention lots of snow for the kids to play around in, the fake kind so they never got too cold!