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It's a Big Juggling Game!


As a parent, I know how testing it can be to combine your working life and your personal life to get to a comfortable balance to keep everybody involved happy and your stress levels low. For me, the most stressful hours of the day are the hours leading up to leaving the house to get to work. Once I sit in my car after the crèche drop off, I can finally breathe out and relax on my journey to the office. Sound familiar?

Want to be a Recruiter?


The idea of effectively running my own desk, the opportunity to progress quickly and the earning potential really appealed to me and I knew that if I made the phone calls, put in the hours and worked hard I could quite quickly reap the rewards. These are just a few of the questions I get asked from those interested in a career in recruitment:

What I love about the job? 

OWASP August Event


Being a Saturday, we had the whole of Morgan McKinley’s Dublin HQ to ourselves. And it’s just as well we did have, as we had a building full of AppSec die hards, giving up their Saturday for the AppSecIreland Mobile security day.

First up with the introductions was the always well composed Owen Pendlebury. After this, I gave my piece and quickly handed over to the real stars of the show; the speakers.

Engineering in the West of Ireland


One reason that keeps popping up is location. In recent years more and more Engineers have decided to leave the more populated cities of Dublin and Cork and take up positions in the West of Ireland.  For many this is something that they have not even considered, but when you think about it the west has a lot to offer:

Engineering Opportunities