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Global Greening: Oops We Did It Again!


Tourism Ireland’s Global Greening initiative is now in its sixth year, it sees landmark buildings and heritage sites all over the globe turn green to mark the occasion and raise awareness for Irish tourism. This year is bigger than ever with more iconic sites taking part in the greening.
In Ireland this year, the following landmarks will be turning green, have you spotted them yet?

Success and Likability for Women in the Workplace, The Heidi-Howard Study


In her book, Sheryl Sandberg, references a number of fascinating studies, but perhaps the most interesting and telling study of all was that of the “Howard/Heidi study”.  

Students in a Harvard class were split into 2 groups. Both groups were given an identical case study about a real life entrepreneur and described how this person became a very successful venture capitalist by using their outgoing personality and networking skills. 

Guest Blogger: Why the Big 4 is no longer a man's world


Half of graduates entering the Big 4 accounting firms each year are female, yet at partner level, the figures paint a very difference picture. When I started out in the profession this imbalance seemed non-existent. Working in the asset management division of assurance in PwC, nearly half of the partners are female and this trend continues right down throughout the levels.