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Why Stay In Practice After Qualification?


Many consider industry roles to have a greater commercial focus in contrast to the technical world of practice, they may also see an initial increase in salary and there is an obvious appeal in not wanting to go through another audit busy season! However, it’s not only industry that offers a commercial role.

Benefits of working in Practice post qualification:

5 reasons to invest time and effort into your online professional profile


Yet many are reluctant to advertise professional status, experience, abilities and achievements online and as a result may be neglecting their destined jobmate. Just like the dating scene it’s important to be market wise, know your options and to put yourself out there and the best means of doing so - Get Online!

Here’s why…

1. Learn about new opportunities

A new specialist hub for fund administration in Ireland


Top ranking financial institutions are investing in Cork and setting up European operations here. Specialist areas being managed out of Cork include anti-money laundering, front and back office fund administration including corporate actions, settlements, transfers, information processin

Live your Life Cycle, Morgan McKinley style


It all started last November when we wanted to get involved in the 1% Difference campaign. We were looking for a small charity to partner with where we would use our skills and expertise to really support and help drive a charity. IT consultant Stephen O Brien suggested Live your Life Cycle, which was set up 2 years ago by the O’Sullivan family to raise funds for the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association in memory of their mother Betty Rue O'Sullivan.

Bounce back from every defeat


Unfortunately I missed the first game due to a conference. As I awaited for the text of the result from game 1, it came through, we won 21– 0. I couldn’t believe it! It turned out to be a lie, we lost 22-3. Obviously we thought this was a once off as we knew we had such great talent. Unfortunately, it was a sign of things to come; 9 games 9 defeats, it was tough pill to swallow!

How you could build the best accounting practice: Part 5


How would you like to have that “ideal accounting practice” with :-

  • no capital tied up in debtors or work-in-progress,
  • no compliance deadline stress,
  • a bunch of happy clients who respect your opinion and value the benefits that you bring to their business
  • happy team members
  • a constant flow of clients referred to your practice each month


And here are the 5 steps:

Demand currently outstripping supply


In line with our commitment to keep professionals working in the Tax discipline up to date with employment and recruitment trends, early in 2014 Morgan McKinley conducted an international survey of its consultants in four key markets. We found significant contrasts between regions, with the UK and Ireland markets gathering strong momentum, whereas things are moving more slowly in Singapore and Hong Kong, though for different reasons:

The Future is Now


Chair for the evening was CEO of Cork Chamber, Conor Healy, who kicked off proceedings with an overview of recent developments in the Cork region. Conor noted that due to the available talent pool, infrastructure and indeed appetite for attracting Inward Investment companies to the region, Cork has announced 1,700 new jobs year to date in conjunction with the IDA.