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Ebola's Effects on Global Procurement


For many however, this is a distant problem which doesn’t have any big effect in their daily lives once they choose to change the channel or turn the page.

Maybe this will change though when the cost can be felt in people’s pockets?

Procurement professionals who deal with commodity buying will be keenly aware of how natural disasters, disease outbreaks, political instability or war can have a huge effect on the costs of goods that you and I buy daily from our local shop.

Guest Blog | What your office team can learn from Munster’s rising star


In professional rugby, you never really know whether you are cut out to perform at a high level until you are thrown into the deep end and find out. Making my debut for Munster last December against Perpignan in Thomond Park was the proudest moment of my sporting career.

It's a Big Juggling Game!


As a parent, I know how testing it can be to combine your working life and your personal life to get to a comfortable balance to keep everybody involved happy and your stress levels low. For me, the most stressful hours of the day are the hours leading up to leaving the house to get to work. Once I sit in my car after the crèche drop off, I can finally breathe out and relax on my journey to the office. Sound familiar?

Want to be a Recruiter?


The idea of effectively running my own desk, the opportunity to progress quickly and the earning potential really appealed to me and I knew that if I made the phone calls, put in the hours and worked hard I could quite quickly reap the rewards. These are just a few of the questions I get asked from those interested in a career in recruitment:

What I love about the job?