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Patrick Whelan - 17/04/2014
They would be the "underdog" amongst the other applicants. The reccurring theme I have found being the recruiter is that with the right guidance and ... read more
Amanda Rooney - 17/04/2014
I deal with Java developers on a daily basis and when recruiting for development roles I find that the majority of applicants on the market are male ... read more
Dara Boland - 17/04/2014
Morgan McKinley were happy to help out at Tuesday's Android Expo. This was the culmination of an Android and Advanced Java course offered by Big Wave ... read more
AnneMarie Browne - 15/04/2014
Organizational Effectiveness: What is it and how to achieve it! Morgan McKinley will be hosting a breakfast briefing on the topic of "Organisational ... read more