What if your job interview was like X-Factor “Judges' Houses”?


Why didn't Nicole choose Michelle? Why do employers choose one applicant over the other? If your job interview was like Judges’ houses, would you make it through to the live show and get the job?

It was interesting to see some unusual choices being made by the judges on X factor at Judges’ Houses.  Only 3 out of the 6 performers could go through but were you shocked that certain contestants didn’t make it?

How you recruit affects your bottom line!


Technology is changing how customers and consumers interact with companies. Your business either chooses transparency or transparency will be set among you; time is ticking.

The market place is returning slowly but surely. Companies are investing heavily in online marketing and brand image, however if you look at recruitment as a key touch point, between a company and the market place, surely reputation is something to be invested in as much as product design & innovation?

Sick of being dumped for someone else?


They get past the 1st round and the 2nd round with flying colours. You’re just getting ready to offer the position when suddenly you find out they have taken another position and are no longer on the market. Disaster! You have to start all over again!! Have you ever had to deal with this situation as a Hiring Manager? How can you approach this situation differently to avoid this happening again?

There are three key steps which are vital to avoiding this situation:

Summertime Sadness, it's Back to Work Time


Were you only managing to cope as you had that summer holiday to look forward to, with a vision of yourself on the beach just getting you by? With all that now in the past, maybe it’s only now the time for change!

There is no better time to get involved in your new job search than right now. You might think it may be quiet at the moment on the job front but this is actually the best chance to get your CV in before the September rush.

Networking, Why bother?


The night in question was the industry awards night for event management companies. It was an excellent event. Very well organised, well attended, and presented by Oliver Callan whose Michael D. Higgins impression had everyone in tears!

As we have a strong and friendly relationship with our client I gladly accepted the invite, but I did wonder how I would fit in at a business event which had nothing to do with Supply Chain or Procurement.