What if your job interview was like X-Factor “Judges' Houses”?


Why didn't Nicole choose Michelle? Why do employers choose one applicant over the other? If your job interview was like Judges’ houses, would you make it through to the live show and get the job?

It was interesting to see some unusual choices being made by the judges on X factor at Judges’ Houses.  Only 3 out of the 6 performers could go through but were you shocked that certain contestants didn’t make it?

How you recruit affects your bottom line!


Technology is changing how customers and consumers interact with companies. Your business either chooses transparency or transparency will be set among you; time is ticking.

The market place is returning slowly but surely. Companies are investing heavily in online marketing and brand image, however if you look at recruitment as a key touch point, between a company and the market place, surely reputation is something to be invested in as much as product design & innovation?

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Why has it become so popular?

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Ebola's Effects on Global Procurement


For many however, this is a distant problem which doesn’t have any big effect in their daily lives once they choose to change the channel or turn the page.

Maybe this will change though when the cost can be felt in people’s pockets?

Procurement professionals who deal with commodity buying will be keenly aware of how natural disasters, disease outbreaks, political instability or war can have a huge effect on the costs of goods that you and I buy daily from our local shop.

How To Handle A Counter Offer


Counter-offers are now becoming more frequent. If you have the perception that employees should be grateful for even just being offered a job, you have absolutely been misinformed, I’m afraid. When hiring new staff you need to almost presume they will be counter-offeredThe game has changed, when it comes to premium professionals, it's a job-seekers market. Highly skilled employees are so difficult to replace that there is no longer a stigma attached to accepting a counter-offer.