What if your job interview was like X-Factor “Judges' Houses”?


Why didn't Nicole choose Michelle? Why do employers choose one applicant over the other? If your job interview was like Judges’ houses, would you make it through to the live show and get the job?

It was interesting to see some unusual choices being made by the judges on X factor at Judges’ Houses.  Only 3 out of the 6 performers could go through but were you shocked that certain contestants didn’t make it?

How you recruit affects your bottom line!


Technology is changing how customers and consumers interact with companies. Your business either chooses transparency or transparency will be set among you; time is ticking.

The market place is returning slowly but surely. Companies are investing heavily in online marketing and brand image, however if you look at recruitment as a key touch point, between a company and the market place, surely reputation is something to be invested in as much as product design & innovation?

Currently hiring for your team? Flexibility with your job brief is key!


What does flexibility with your job brief mean? This depends on the absolute essentials for the role. Professionals seeking employment have more choice on the job market with increasing numbers of vacancies arising and we at Morgan McKinley are seeing experienced professionals being offered multiple roles at the moment.

Stand Up and Fight


I had my doubts that a comeback was possible, but thankfully I was wrong! They battled on and secured a last gasp drop goal in the dying seconds of the game to secure an unlikely victory.

But how did they go about doing this? I believe that their fighting spirit was rekindled. They didn’t let their heads drop at half time, they didn’t panic, they just refocused and then kept going until the very end.