Recruitment – dream job or living nightmare?

Andrew Connolly - 01/08/2012

The short answer is that it can be either depending on the person and sometimes it can be both! 

I have worked as a recruitment consultant for the past 12 years and friends will sometimes exclaim 'you’re still in recruitment?!'  This is usually followed by a shaking of the head and a 'well I don’t know how you do it'.  When I consider what many of my friends do for a living – accountants/nurses/HR managers - I silently think, not in a million years! I absolutely love what I do.

Is recruitment your dream job too?
First of all you need to consider what kind of personality you have:
  • Am I an extrovert?
  • Do I enjoy talking to people?
  • Am I someone who can influence others? 

If most of your answers are yes then it’s worth taking the time to find out more.

What it’s really like
This job is a real rollercoaster; depths of depression one minute, top of the world the next but it’s the highs and the lows that keep it all so interesting … even after 12 years!  That and the camaraderie of working in a close team, the 'work hard and play hard' philosophy in this sector allows everyone to blow off plenty of steam and keeps that rollercoaster from crashing off the tracks.

Yes the hours can be long sometimes but time flies – no clock watching here. There are of course targets and pressure but in this market the majority of jobs will have some productivity measure and accountability.

Hidden rewards
What is very rewarding is that you feel a sense of running your own business and being in control of your pay packet. The money you can earn is fantastic and there tends to be lots of incentives.
Anyone can be a recruiter
Recruitment is no longer a short term, young person’s game with many companies introducing family friendly policies and flexible working arrangements.  In the past decade, I have seen a significant shift from this being a 'make the money and run' job to a long term career. I would certainly not do anything else !

Still unsure? Take the first step to find out by contacting Andrew Connolly. As the ad says, 'you’ll be glad you called'.

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