Are you Batman or Bruce Wayne in your approach to jobs?

Gerard Knowles - 26/07/2012

Being Batman or Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be a bad thing but apart from the money and good looks what does Bruce really have?

He’s just an ordinary guy like everyone else and apart from the bad guys always targeting him, nothing special about him right? Yet, when he puts on that Batman suit he transforms. He does martial arts, fights crime, has a cool car, a much deeper voice and has girls falling all over him.

When it comes to your job, do you want to have the same skills as hundreds of others or do you want to specialise and stand out?

Why being Batman is appealing?

"Holy haberdashery, Batman!" 

Robin was right to be concerned back in the 1960’s if he’d known how challenging it was going to be to find a job these days; especially with 50-60 people applying for the same one. How can you make yourself stand out? What makes you different to everyone else?

I’ve been doing a lot of research into the IT market these days to see how IT professionals can specialise into an area where there is:

a)      Less competition for jobs
b)      Serious demand 
c)      You will make a lot more money

Becoming Batman

The specialist areas you could move into with some up-skilling are:

From Web Designer                  -->  UX Designer

From Front-end Developer        -->  UI or Mobile Developer

From Java Developer                --> Android Developer

From C Developer                    --> iOS Developer

From C++ Developer                --> Games Developer

From Software Tester               --> QA Automation Engineer

From Technical Support           --> Application Support (Apache, Linux, Java, PHP)

From Business Analyst             --> Business Analyst with industry specialism

From Project Manager             --> Project Manager with Agile methodology and                                                                                     accreditations

The more generic jobs on the left have applicants ten a penny with fierce competition. While, it is hard to find people for the specialist roles, clients are desperate for them and will pay above market rate to employ them. So if you get the opportunity to up-skill I would grab it with both hands and run like the clappers to your very own bat mobile!

If you want more information about specialising your skills, don’t hesitate to contact myself or any of my colleagues on the IT team.

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